the Bathtub


Bathtubs as ships, as coffins; animated, energized pantheistic, vessels of rebirth, a place where the veils between the worlds are thin. Underwater, underground...the Furies, the Mysteries, the Goddess returns; what has been pushed under will now rise up. Last supper, all women; is this night any different/ ...Check, please we’re fine, just tear off the “Thank you” and let’s get out of here. The sacred grove, the bathtub in landscape functions as a cauldron, the primary female symbol for thousands of years revived in ironic modern guise; the woman rising out of the tub, struggling to emerge. How to be here; be here? Post-Christian, post-Cartesian rebellion against the mind-body duality; you always made us be body, do we have to choose only one?      -- Meredith Lund


I Aspire to the Intensity of Icons

Excerpts from three drawings: (upper left); (upper right); and (below) ©1993-1999 Meredith Lund

Angel Visits Pasture  16 X12”   ©1998 -- 2008 Meredith Lund